Life at Stretton

Life at Stretton

Activities are seen as an important part of life at Stretton. We find out peoples hobbies and interests on initial assessment. Our Activities Co-ordinator then meets all residents and checks out which hobbies or interests the Residents wish to maintain or at stretton

Residents who wish to stay in their rooms are given one to one sessions which could be ensuring they have a TV, radio, puzzle books or would like gentle exercises or manicures.
Entertainers visit the home regularly, which has included a Harp Player, Folk Music Group and various singers. Residents and relatives are encouraged to join in these sessions.

We also very proud of our gardens which residents can enjoy (weather permitting of course) and take in the picturesque views of the Herefordshire countryside.

Questionnaires are regularly sent to relatives and given to residents to ensure all of their needs are being met.

There is a notice board in reception of forthcoming activities in the home.



We have an open door policy. Families, friends and representatives are made welcome at any time. If a visitor wishes to have a meal with their family they should let us know by phoning or popping into the kitchen when in for a visit.

All visitors should sign in and out when visiting, this is very helpful should there be a fire drill.

A suggestions box is available in the reception area where visitors can put suggestions for improvements of quality or compliments.